Most Important Vote?

Observations on Politics and the World

By Mark E. Maussner

Trump's comments about 2nd Amendment supporters have been completely
misconstrued by the Clinton Spin Machine and their lackeys in the media. Mr.
Trump was clearly urging people to use their political power by getting out
and voting, and that's how everyone in attendance viewed it. It wasn't until
the Clinton campaign twisted the comments in a negative light that this
became a story. That's what the main stream, mind control media is all
about - finding the latest spin story to try to distract the masses.

The truth of the matter is that our founders DID envision the second
amendment as a last resort remedy to repel tyranny. He was completely
correct in that that statement that he is being berated for in the media.
The second amendment is there to enforce all the others. We need the ability
to bear arms - and the same arms the government has, to hold them in check -
to provide a deterrent to prevent them from subjugating us. Gun sales have
been at record levels for a long time now because people do realize this.
Keep buying guns and keep stocking up on ammo. The time will soon come where
we will need it. Of course we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong
people but current gun legislation is preventing and discouraging law
abiding citizens from arming themselves. The criminals will get the guns
anyway and they always have. Disarming the rest of us just makes us more
vulnerable and unsafe. I say hire veterans to be stationed in every school,
fully armed. That is the best way to prevent school shootings. They would
probably even volunteer for duty.

The power of every voter is a critical safeguard against tyranny in our
democracy. Hillary Clinton is against our core Constitutional rights, and
she has voiced support for gun-grabbing efforts that have and will continue
to strip citizens of their rights.

The recent non-indictment of Hillary Clinton by FBI director James Comey is
the biggest, cop-out / sell out we have seen in a very long time. We were
told that he failed to indict because "he didn't want to change the course
of American history" Let's face it - he didn't indict because he was afraid
of the consequences. People who oppose the establishment and the Clinton
crime family end up dead or at least with wrecked careers. He took a dive -
worse than even Sonny Listen did. And he's getting away with it!

Many Americans believed Comey was a stand up guy but America was betrayed
again. He said her actions were "extremely careless" but not criminal.
People take it on face value that the FBI would be independent but we got
the shaft. Many were indicted for far less. But looking deeper, where did
James Comey come from? He comes from the same "Chicago Matrix" that spawned
Obama and so many other nefarious characters. James Comey is the former
Chicago US attorney. He was or still presumably is still on the board of
directors at HSBC Bank. He was the former atty general under George W. Bush.
Before that he was deputy atty general - second highest ranking official in
the dept.of justice.

In December of 2003 as deputy Atty. General Comey appointed to the US Atty
in Chicago his close friend and former colleague Patrick Fitzgerald as
special council to head up the CIA grand jury leak investigation after
Ashcroft recused himself from the matter. In August '05 Comey left the DOJ
to become general council and Sr. VP at Lockheed Martin and then in 2010
became general council at Bridgewater and Associates and in 2013 he left
Bridgewater to become sr. research scholar and Herzog fellow on national
security law issues at Columbia Law School and also joined the London based
board of directors of HSBC Holdings and then in 2013 was finally appointed
to head of the FBI by Obama. If you can't connect the dots - you just
haven't done your research. We got screwed again - he is their carefully
cultivated shill. This guy is a player for the elite from way back - he was
asked - no told - to take a dive for the Clintons and he did. There was more
than enough evidence to not only indict Hillary but convict her and he
protected her - They had too much on him and he didn't want to become
another corpse on the Clinton pile of dead bodies. What has Comey taught us?
That some people are indeed above the law. Hillary Clinton broke at least 8
federal laws and was let off the hook by a crony system based on blackmail
and corrupt patronage. The fix was in from the very beginning. Comey owes
his entire career to the Bush / Clinton crime network - they have too much
on him - he had to comply to their demands. The penalty for disobedience is
death as we have seen time and time again. The corruption goes way beyond
any of us can even imagine.

So our march towards globalism continues. The Brits tried with "Brexit" but
that will be stalled and and possibly reversed - they are still "subjects"
to the monarchy. Let's be clear here- Donald Trump is far from perfect - he
is often brash and untactful in his delivery. But the alternative in Hillary
is utterly unacceptable. I see the entire global political establishment
acting in utter desperation to stop him. They are using their controlled
media to the fullest degree trying to besmirch him - and that is exactly the
indication we need to show us that he is real. I have to admit that I was
disappointed in his choice as VP, Pense who has been a supporter of these
heinous international trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP and very
disappointed that he endorsed complete open border sellout, anti Americans
McCain and "Rat" Ryan when they refused to endorse him.

My hope is that he purposely did this to advance himself in the "system" to
improve his chances of getting elected but will reject their stances and
call them on their treason. Maybe he is a complete Rothschild banking family
tool but my gut tells me he is an American trying to save our country -
against all odds. At least he speaks of being a nationalist - America
First - and says he will protect or sovereignty and our constitution. Obama
and Clintons have certainly, openly, time and time again demonstrated that
they will act in the best interest of the globalist agenda - which is very,
very bad for us and our lost liberties. If you have to "hold your nose" to
vote for Trump then hold your damn nose.. We must not allow career criminal
Hillary get into office. It will mean the end of any chance to restore our
republic. There are 3 documentaries pertaining to Hillary you must watch:
Hillary - The Movie, Clinton Cash and Hillary's America (now in theaters).
The two greatest forces we have to somehow emerge from this very dire
situation is praying Christians and avid 2nd amendment defenders.

We are at a final crossroads people. This is the most important vote in
American history. Next to immigration control perhaps the most important
aspect of Trump's platform is his promise to get us out of all these
horrible trade agreements such as NAFTA, GAT AND TPP that have destroyed
American industry. You think about all the great union gains of the 1960's
and before - the Homestead Mining strike and so forth were essentially the
robber barons being put on notice that American labor was no longer going to
tolerate being abused. They got a 35 hour work week, health benefits, paid
vacations - all hard won and deserved gains. Then come the 70's where the
environmental movement kicks in. You get regulations to stop polluting the
air and factories have to filter what they put in the water - and OSHA comes
into play with worker safety and ergonomics - you can't treat your workers
like disposable machines. All of this cost serious money to American
Industry - hard won and valid gains in every area.

Then you get guys like Romney and others with the idea - we'll just pick up
that American factory and move it to China where they can bypass all the
environmental and other regulations, get super cheap labor and convince
their (paid for) buddies in congress to give them a total free trade pass so
now they can import the goods back into this country without paying income
tax and without paying any tax or tariff on the goods - that's why the
entire spectrum of these "free trade deals" were implemented in the first
place! At the very least, Donald Trump will put a terrify back on these
goods coming back in negating the incentive to produce them over seas. Very
quickly these companies will realize it is pointless to make all these
products in China any more - let's just make them in Michigan or Buffalo or
Pennsylvania again - with American workers! It's so simple! People who talk
about tariffs being some sort of "national suicide" are just idiots - maybe
they didn't see the 41 BILLION trade deficit just this past month (June

In the 1930's we were the biggest exporter by far on the globe - we were the
China of that era bringing money in hand over fist - we not only didn't have
a trade deficit - we had a trade surplus like at double -so putting on
tariffs at that time was probably a mistake but now if we put the tariffs on
imported goods, even if the other countries counter with tariffs of their
own we would still be a half a billion dollars ahead! And let's face it - a
lot of the goods we export to other countries are a matter of they either
buy them or they starve - we have the upper hand if we use it - we are or
can still be the bread basket of the world.

We have a lot more strength than we realize - unfortunately the current
administration and administrations before them have traded our manufacturing
jobs for high paid banking jobs - and we have allowed the bankers to do all
the negotiating with their lobbying / bribery influence on our congress! So
it's like okay South Korea - we'll let you import all the cars you want into
the US - with no tariff and you let us open branch banks in your country and
let us do underwriting in your bond market - that's the deal we made. We
gained 500 banker jobs but sacrificed 50,000 mid level, middle class jobs -
and that's where the American middle class went - we have a bunch more
bankers driving a lot more Rolls Royces and BMWs, taking their vacations in
the Hamptons and a lot fewer 9-5 American factory workers raising their
families on a living wage. That's the problem in this country. Trump sees
it. It's really not that complicated. We have allowed the bankers to bribe
the politicians into selling out our country for their gain.

I want people to understand how the "polls" that you hear about on the main
stream media including FOX news are a complete crock of BS. These big
polling companies that they use including their own in house polling
mechanisms are for sale to the highest bidder. And the Clinton campaign is
the highest bidder. They can skew these polls any way they want by
manipulating who they ask, how they word the questions and basically just
outright lying. An independent poll done this past week which was simply a
random poll asking who do you prefer Trump or Clinton - of 1800 people
nation wide at random - a larger sample than used by FOX news polling showed
Trump with a 60% lead over Clinton! Do not believe the polls you hear about
on "the news". Trump gets 30-40,000 people at his rallies and Clinton gets
50-100 - one time she got 18 people to show up. Think about it. It will be
interesting to see how the MoneySaver reader survey comes out with respect
to the presidential poll in it. I encourage all of you to fill out the
survey - in this issue and mail it in. You stand a chance to win a great
prize and also we will get a good indication of the political leanings in
our area. We already have more that 300 surveys in at the time of this

Clinton hasn't had a real press conference in 8 months or more - she is VERY
ill and has been having seizures and black-outs. She has has 3 major
concussions and spent 6 months in a Brazilian hospital - but do we hear
about any of this? No. She has a doctor traveling with her constantly at the
ready to give her an injection of a synthetic opiate for when she starts to
unravel. Should her health and fitness to assume control of this nation be
questioned? YES but it's swept under the carpet. If Trump were displaying
these kind of health issues the media would be all over it. He, doesn't
drink alcohol and doesn't do drugs. We know clearly that the Clintons have
been huge drug users (and smugglers) for decades. With the Clintons we are
dealing with people who are rapists, pedophiles, Satanists (Hillary's
monthly trips to her LA Coven) cocaine addicts, murderers and people who
think it's cute and funny to put condoms and bulbs with chairman Mau's
picture on their Christmas tree. This is all on record from whistle blower
secret service agents. If you doubt any of it do your research or challenge
me - I can show you the documented testimony.

I'm sorry but I believe in Americanism, I believe in "America First"
(actually I'm not sorry at all) If we have any extra money to help people
there are people in WNY, or W. Virginia or PA and Ohio that need help. Let's
concentrate inward again and once we are all good and we have a little extra
and we want to help the outside world with their problems - okay fine. That
principle applies to trade policy, how we defend the dollar - how we defend
our nation. We should not be the police man of the world or the "banksters"
to the world. If we don't take care of ourselves, rebuild our
infrastructure - reconstitute America - make America great again, then we
are no good to anyone else around the world. With the current policies and
those supported and furthered by Hillary Clinton / Obama we are headed down
to third world status. Not one damn dollar should be given to these illegal
immigrants - any of them! They shouldn't be here by our own standing laws!
And anybody who says "oh - it's too expensive to send them back - it's BS.
The mainstream media is criticizing Trump's health insurance plan saying
it's going to leave out 18 million people - guess which 18 million people? -
You got it - the illegals. Or they say we are going to end up paying for
them in the ER - if they're not here they'll have a really hard time getting
into our emergency rooms. And to clarify - we are talking about illegals -
we lovingly welcome legal immigrants who came here lawfully and are willing
to assimilate - (which most Muslims never will).

And to the Muslims - don't bring your culture here and expect me to change
my country to adapt to your culture - we have our own and we like it just
fine. We don't need or want 11th century, barbaric Sharia Law here. This
first amendment separation of church and state - If you think it was
intended to protect the church from the state you are dead wrong. It's
intended to protect the state from the church! The US was founded on common
law not the whim of ecclesiastical law. We have Christian principles woven
into our foundation but not what your Koran or even Bible says. We have the
10 commandments - perhaps something we can all agree upon but there is no
room for the nuances of any particular religion - never was part of what we
were founded on and never will be - we have the right to practice any
religion we want but any one religion does not have the right to undermine
our rule of law - our founding principles - shame on the politicians and
media commentators that are caving to these special interests.

Remember the last time this happened - Andrew Jackson was that man and the
same thing that was going on then is going on now. He was branded a racist -
he was a nationalist. He opposed overarching big business and central
banking - he was like a Bernie Sanders and a Donald Trump all rolled up into
one. The forces that were arrayed against him were more formidable (if
that's even possible to conceive) than those facing Trump. But the people
saw through it. The people voted Jackson in despite being told how stupid
and what a bunch of ignorant masses they were. Jackson killed the Second
Bank (equivalent to our Federal Reserve) He called them an "evil den of
vipers" and pledged to "root them out" which he did. By 1835 he totally paid
off the entire national debt. But the problem was that the banks he left
standing applied so much pressure - much the same as they are doing today in
post Brexit Britain, that the country went into a period known as the "Hard
Times". During this time gold and silver coin was the only thing people
used - paper currency was totally discredited.

Smart people see now an exact replay of this scenario in which the people
elect DT and the bankers try to make us pay for that choice. Americans have
14 plus trillion dollars tied up in their banking system and I would
encourage anyone to pull up the Federal Reserve's H41 release and they would
see that that the Federal Reserve's whole balance sheet is only 4 trillion -
yet Americans think they have 14 trillion in the "bank" - their books do NOT
balance. Ask what would happen if every American said "give me my money!"
Anyway after Jackson stared the bankers down and we had that brief
"correctional recession" this country experienced it's most thriving,
prosperous period in its entire history - imagine - we coined our own money
that we didn't pay a middle man interest on! Of course that was all ruined
when the new central bank, privately owned, came back into existence in
1913. It's no wonder Jackson is targeted by the globalists to be removed
from the $20 bill. It took almost 100 years to undo the great prosperity
Jackson brought about. but they did it and we are back with our necks under
their heel.

From the time Jackson paid off the national debt in 1835 the US started
generating surpluses in the treasury - it became the biggest BOOM in
American economic history.The 30 years leading up to the civil war was where
railroads and refrigeration were developed and manufacturing was nothing
short of stunning - the growth was unbelievable - American innovation and
ingenuity and free enterprise thrived and drove us to never before seen
levels of prosperity. I think we stand on the brink of either complete
collapse or another great revival. Like I said, Trump is not perfect. He's a
buffoon at times but he is the next Andrew Jackson and if he can avoid
getting killed (which will be very difficult) and he's not a fake (which is
a possibility but all indications are that he is not) then he could very
well usher in a new era of great prosperity for this nation and for the
world. The corrupt power structure must at the very least be removed, but
even more appropriately should be tried for treason and hanged. A vote for
Hillary is a vote for the end of of America as we know it - a vote for Trump
is a vote for a chance at recovery.