By: Mark Maussner
Like many supporters of Donald Trump, I was extremely disappointed in Mr. Trump's performance in the first debate which took place Tuesday September 26th on NBC. I was beyond disappointed actually, I was downright angry and found myself wanting to throw things. Trump's staff, and Trump himself should be embarrassed about the lack of preparation and the resulting lack of execution on the debate floor which resulted in Clinton dominating the event. With the exception of precious few moments, She had him on his heels all night. The people who have supported Mr. Trump and the grass roots, populist, Americanist movement he represents deserved a better showing - a much better showing.
Many pro-trump analysts and others offered up a raft of excuses and explanations in the following days such as "it was his first debate" and "she is a seasoned pro in the political arena" and "he was trying to be conciliatory and gentle - to take the high road" but none of this holds any water to me. At this level, I cannot give him a pass. He is smarter than that and quite frankly, this career criminal, Hillary, does not deserve any gentle treatment or professional courtesies - she needs to be harshly called out on her misdeeds, ineptitude, deception and malfeasance.
He had myriad opportunities to slam her down to the mat in front of the largest debate audience ever and he failed. He let us all down. Sorry Donald... our support is not blind and unconditional. You are running for President of the United States, our beloved country, and we desperately need help. We are being looted by a band of self serving, psychopathic crooks who are intentionally destroying our country - there is no time for "mis-steps"! Objective and true supporters must hold you to a very high standard - and you must deliver if we are to believe you are for real.
That being said, and let me be very clear about this: the above reaction in no way means that Trump is still not the best candidate by far. It does not mean that Hillary won me over to her side in any way. She just regurgitated all the normal Democratic / Socialist talking points. Her mocking tone and indignant smirks were repulsive to the point of inducing vomiting. Her well rehearsed and probably coached on the spot responses were nothing but sound bites, cheap shots and generalizations. In terms of actual, meaningful content in what she said - she gets an F. She, in a very polished and rehearsed way recited all that is wrong but offered no solutions. It's the same old tired and severely flawed rhetoric. We have to tax the rich more and people deserve more entitlements - free things to keep them and make them even more dependant on government. This assures they will continue voting democrat. She knows dependence is slavery and she and those who back her lust for power and control. Trump let her get away with appearing to be a quasi legitimate candidate!
Trump is his own man - not part of the establishment elite who have enriched themselves, put themselves above the law. Every big global political leader big corporate officer or any other person of big influence in the world who comes out against Trump and backs Hillary exposes themselves as part of the global clique who have benefitted from the corruption. This includes the pope and the Bush family and McCain and countless others from but the Democratic and the Republican camps. Who does Hillary think she is acting like a champion of the downtrodden and of women and of minorities? How stupid does she think we are?
This is a woman who has a million dollar wardrobe - who probably never wears the same outfit twice. She travels the world in a fleet of brand new jet planes and lives in the lap of luxury. What does she know about struggling financially - about being poor? She is a master of using power and influence to become rich and gain even more power until a point now apparently where she can commit any crime she wants and be immune from punishment or consequences. In her role as "fixer" to cover up the fallout from her husband's extra marital sex-capades and yes, down right rape, she was highly effective in harassing, frightening to death, intimidating, buying off and silencing by whatever means necessary Bills many, many victims. This was her job and she did it well. One of her first cases was getting a guy off for raping a young girl - a man she later admitted she knew was guilty -and later laughed about it. You think she cares one iota about the plight of the jobless or of women? Think again it's all a ruse, a show, a lie.
What about Danny Williams? Who is he? His mother, Bobbie Ann Williams was a black, cocaine addicted prostitute in Little Rock who became pregnant by Bill Clinton. Unlike Suzanne Coleman, whose 7 month pregnancy ended with a gunshot to the back of her head, Bobbie finished her pregnancy, certain that it was Bill's child since he had been her only white customer that month! Both Bobbie and her sister passed polygraph tests regarding Bobbie' relationship to Clinton and their belief that Danny is his child. The British press, amazingly enough, got Buddy Young, then an Arkansas State Trooper, to admit he had driven Bill Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to one of their "sex orgies". Danny is the result.
The Arkansas State police delivered 6 crisp 100$ bills to the shack Danny and his mother lived in every month until he was 13 and Christmas presents from Bill. But then Hillary stepped in and threatened them to stay away. The Clintons claimed that a DNA test proved he was not Bill's Child but the DNA test never happened it was a fabrication. Black lives matter unless you are Bill Clinton's illegitimate son. Danny now just wants to meet his father and to set the record straight. Why don't the Clinton's admit the truth and embrace their half black son? He is family - love and acknowledge him! Heal the old wounds with love!
Some say Bill Clinton being a sexual predator has nothing to do with Hillary but it is relevant because she was the one who threatened and "eliminated" these threats to her quest for power. Read "Clinton's War on Women" by Roger Stone to get a full picture of this ugly world of sex crazed abuse of women and the tactics employed to silence them. The list of women molested by Billy-Boy is very long but this partial list includes:

Paula Jones: A former Arkansas state employee, Jones sued Bill Clinton in 1994 for sexual harassment. Jones claims that in 1991 then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton propositioned and exposed himself to her in a Little Rock hotel. Clinton eventually settled with Jones out of court for $850,000, but never admitted to any wrongdoing.

Juanita Broaddrick: Broaddrick, a former nursing home administrator, alleges that Bill Clinton, who was running for Arkansas governor at the time, raped her in an Arkansas hotel room in the spring of 1978. He bit her lip so badly that it bled and scarred - this is his trademark.

Kathleen Willey: Willey was a White House volunteer aide who, in March of 1998, alleged on the TV news program 60 Minutes that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her during his first term as President.

Eileen Wellstone: Wellstone, an English woman, alleges that Clinton sexually assaulted her after she met him at a pub near Oxford University where Clinton was a student in 1969. This is what got him kicked out of Oxford.

Carolyn Moffet: Moffet was a legal secretary in Little Rock in 1979, said she met Governor Clinton at a political fundraiser and was invited to his hotel room. Moffet alleges that she fled the hotel room after Clinton demanded she perform sex acts on him.

Elizabeth Ward Gracen: A Miss Arkansas who would go on to win the Miss America contest in 1982, Gracen alleges that she was forced by Clinton to have sex with him shortly after she won the Miss Arkansas competition.

Becky Brown: Becky Brown was Chelsea Clinton’s nanny. L.D. Brown, an Arkansas State Trooper and Becky’s husband, claims that Clinton attempted to seduce her in while the two were in governor’s mansion.

Helen Dowdy: Dowdy, the wife of one of Hillary’s cousins, alleges that in 1986 Bill Clinton groped her on the dance floor of a wedding.

Cristy Zercher: Zercher was a flight attendant aboard Clinton’s campaign jet from 1991-1992. Zercher told the Star magazine that Clinton groped her for over 40 minutes.

And all this doesn't even consider the army of prostitutes. Hillary's role in silencing these women IS relevant to her candidacy. She simply cannot say credibly that she is a champion of women considering that she has expertly suppressed through threats and intimidation so many female victims of her husband's abuse and harassment of women.

This brings me back to the debate - why didn't Trump counter her ridiculous accusations with the many devastating counter punches that were made available to him?This is my complaint. He let her beat him down when he could have brought up so many "uncomfortable" truths about her scandalous life and political career. I sincerely hope, and I think he will, be much better prepared in the next 2 debates. Trump needs to be ready next time and no more Mr.Nice guy. He obviously tried to be polite and respectful, but now I hope he sees that he will never get that in return from a snake. He needs to pull out all of the stops and make her answer the tough questions.

So what do I think Trump should have said? The most important, overarching concept Trump should be pounding home at every opportunity in my opinion is this: Nationwide surveys show that nearly 70% of Americans feel strongly that the country is headed in the wrong direction, that something is wrong and that things are getting worse not better. Certainly the statistics bear that out. Income and wages are down, unemployment is up (blacks are far, far worse off since Obama took over) and crime is up etc.etc. If Hillary is elected, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!! She will continue the same policies that we have seen over the last many years - actually things will become worse. She wants more taxes and more regulations and 500% more "refugee" immigration, more entitlements, more gun rights restrictions, more global trade deals, more "pay for play" corruption and every other socialist / communist plank that has been thrust upon the working people. These policies have been breaking the back of this country and people know it down deep. If she is elected, nothing will change - who can argue with that? It's a very powerful point if you think about it.

When asked what each candidate would do to bring jobs back to America, why didn't Trump just clearly proclaim that he would eliminate the incentives companies have now to leave the country? It's simple math! They can avoid US corporate tax rates and ship the product back in with no tariffs! - Fix this and they will flood back home! Show how the trade agreements she supports incentivizes companies to leave. I know he touched on some of this around the edges, but he could have done it in a way that shut her right up. Trump does have clearly articulated and strong, valid policy positions laid out in his written plan at his web site - he just didn't articulate them very well at the debate.

He needs to use a lot less "Believe Me". He shouldn't talk much about himself at all! This election is now mostly about her - her ineptitude and corruption must be brought to light. Even if the question isn't directly related to anything on his list of heavy points he needs to speak of - he can easily divert the discussion to them. He has to use MUCH more of "I'm really glad you brought that up...." and then go right into a powerful point. Also regardless of her snide remark or the moderator's weak and dumb question he could say: "that reminds me of.... and go right into another powerful point. The moderators are on her side so they will never open the door for him to strike a blow - he must learn to create his own opportunities.

There were so many infuriating moments in that absolute abomination of a debate.. When violence and racism in the cities was brought up just come back with "those people need jobs and economic opportunities! Then those problems go away! bring back the damn factories. It was also a perfect opportunity to bring up the complete lunacy of her gun control positions. All the cities with the toughest restrictions on gun ownership have the highest crime rates and gun related violence - especially Chicago. The law abiding citizens have no way to defend themselves and the criminals all still get all the guns they want. Every time the moderator or Hillary tried to bait him into racism or sexism he shouldn't even comment on it - just dismiss it as a ridiculous assertion and go into a strong point about creating economic opportunity and prosperity.

Speaking of sexism - when Clinton brought up Alicia Machado - Miss Universe Pageant winner, he could have hammered that right down her throat and made her look like a total fool. A little research on this "incident" completely vindicates Trump. First off in the original video clip this was all based on - if you go back and look at it Trump was extremely complimentary of her calling her "one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen". As for the eating disorder she accused him of causing - she is on record in her own voice and words admitting that she had the eating disorder for at least a whole year before the incident. The media makes a huge story out of this? Trump "may" have called a woman fat 20 years ago and may even have called her "Miss Piggy" - Isn't it a little more important that Hillary's decisions and actions led to 4 dead Americans in Benghazi, a ruined country in Libya, the displacement of millions of people and the international migrant crisis and of course this is only scratching the surface. If this is all Hillary's got on trump she must be extremely desperate. This Alicia Machado, this role model and champion of women so viciously abused by Trump by the way, is accused of driving the get-away car in a murder, she threatened to kill a judge, she had an illegitimate child with a Mexican drug lord and had sex on reality TV while being engaged to someone else. This is Hillary's campaign poster child?

When she questioned his charitability I completely spit up beverage I was drinking. She questions his charitability when she and her hubby completely looted the Haiti earthquake relief donations collected through the Clinton Foundation? 95% of that money - about a billion dollars went into their pockets instead of going to help the poor black Haitians. He could have stood his ground on the "birther" issue. The Obama birth certificate finally produced was so obviously a forgery that any high school student could have identified it as such - it had 9 separate Photoshop layers! Who know who Obama really is. We do know that he has used many many different social security numbers and that his real father was Communist activist and pornographer Frank Marshal Davis.

When she brought up his tax returns he should have come right back with a challenge for her to release her true medical records from the year she spent in the hospital instead of the lies of her current bought and paid for personal doctor / spokesperson, Lisa Bardack. The truth about her health is very relevant to the election yet the real information is hidden. She is obviously very ill and probably has at least Parkinson's and likely a lot more. But no the media is much more focused on other things. No wonder new polls now show that 94% of Americans do not trust the main stream media - as well they should not. Why doesn't he ask her to explain why she resigned from her secretary of State job? Was it because she was sick?

When Hillary spoke of her dear old dad, the honest, hardworking drapery printer who toiled in a small business to put food on their table - the man who taught her the meaning of honest hard work in a free market economy.. WHY did not Trump immediately point out that Hillary Clinton’s daddy was Hugh [Ellsworth] Rodham. Who was Hugh Rodham? Dan Rostenkowski and Hugh Rodham took over the Chicago mob from the Capone organization after Al Capone's demise. That’s why Bill wanted Hillary, because he had the mob money. That’s why whenever you mentioned Bill Clinton during those days, what did you talk about? Dan Lasater, cocaine; Mena, cocaine; Tyson, cocaine; boys on the track, cocaine. Well, those people made a lot of money with a Clinton being president. What a filthy lot of scumbags. Our government is infested with criminals from top to bottom.

I don't have nearly enough space to articulate the other 20 plus specific opportunities he had or could have created to completely dismantle her but generally, he can always find very fertile ground in the areas of how people distrust her - why? Then bring to light point after point having to do with all of her crimes and dishonesty and position changes on issues. After all we are talking about someone who stole at least $190,027 worth of furniture, china, flatware, art, and other gifts from the White House. It also turned out that they took some property that actually belonged to the permanent White House collection. ”What about the Clinton death list - a list approaching 150 people who have died under mysterious circumstances who just happened to be a thorn in the Clintons' side for one reason or another. What about all the pardons |they doled out just before Bill left office including George Soros - primary financier and creator of Black Lives Matter. How about just having her try to explain the wisdom of bringing in so many more illegal immigrants and refugees? There are now literally dozens of examples of how she used her power and influence as secretary of state to enrich herself on record. Accepting millions form dictators and countries who have horrible human rights records and who treat women like dirt for favors and influence - can you imagine what she would do if she were president?

Lastly I just want to point out that to anyone who objectively looks at how that debate was conducted and how Hillary "performed" it is very clear that the deck was stacked against Trump and that Hillary cheated. It did seem very odd to me that ALL her responses were stated in long, multiple part ideas that hung together perfectly - too perfectly... with perfect sentence structure - who does that in a real debate. Although the rules of the debate prohibited the use of ear pieces and remote coaching she clearly was wearing one and so was Lester Holt. Poor Donald was not only debating Hillary but also the moderator. Hillary used a special hand signal which was using her finger to rub her nose with ole Lester. It meant hand it over to Hillary whenever she did it and at least 6 times her immediately obeyed the signal - go back and look for yourself - it's blatant and obvious. And in her ear she was getting those perfect sentences - all she had to do was speak them out. Disgusting.

Donald: Please have no mercy next time. You can still be presidential and professional while still being firm, unrelenting and even ruthless. Go over to her and check her ear and the back of her outfit for the wire and receiver / transmitter. Be prepared with a couple dozen "zingers" that you can nail her with whether she lays herself open to it or not. One comforting thought that I can come away with is this. Trump supporters are not going anywhere. That debacle will not drive any of them away. While the fake polls show Hillary getting a "bump" from the debate - direct to the people surveys such as the Drudge Report and at least 5 others I looked into showed Trump winning the debate - sometimes 5 to 1. The more people hear that screeching, revolting irritating voice, no matter what's coming out of that lie spewing cake hole the less they like Hillary Clinton. Seriously, What's to like?