MS is a free community editorial magazine direct mailed through your local post office to 6 zip codes in and around Springville, NY.


We are passionately dedicated to supporting and promoting locally owned business and resisting global corporatocracy.


MS is a powerful advertising medium because of its attractive,

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professional design, its full color presentation, its compelling content and the fact that it is mailed. People may not always agree with some of the content, but they read it from cover to cover.

The people in this area and in our community are, on the whole just fantastic, special people. Our community is worth preserving and defending for ourselves and for our children.



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Many people, including yours truly, have been concerned for some time about the erosion of the constitution and the increasing encroachment of Government on our liberties. Those people who are really involved in standing up to defend and preserve our rights look upon the 2nd amendment with particular reverence and vigilance. They believe that without the 2nd amendment the others would be gone in an instant. So, as you can imagine, the news of the past couple of years of domestic gun sales to individuals having gone through the roof is quite comforting indeed. All of us are safer in our liberties the more individual citizens have guns right? BUT What if they don't care how many guns are out there because they have another very effective way to disarm the U.S. citizenry? What if this back handed, sneaky strategy was already in its final stages of execution? Well I think that's exactly what has happened. What strategy is it: To make ammunition virtually impossible to obtain! That's right, what good are guns without bullets?