By: Mark Maussner

For at least the last 4 decades, but probably longer, this country, our
entire political system has been hijacked by a small, elite group of
globalist criminal, mostly age old, multi-generational banking families. I
recognized long ago that the supposed "2-party system" that we have here is
a complete fraud and scam. The Republican and Democratic national committees
make the election rules so of course they rig it so that no third party can
get a voice. The two of them are in league and and are just 2 faces of the
same organization that continue to make government bigger, erode our
personal liberties and enrich themselves at our expense. To any informed
citizen who cares about the former United States of America and what's left
of the "republic for which we stand" it's been blatantly, profoundly obvious
that we are being controlled by a single geo-political entity out for their
own nefarious gain and the destruction of the rest of us.

We do not have a 2-party system at all. This fraudulent "left / right paradigm" that has been thrust upon us is a complete ruse. The single entity, that most elected officers get bribed or blackmailed or both into working for, holds up a democratic sign in one hand

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